White Whiskers

Terms and Conditions of Business

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1. If you think your cat would be happier with its/their own bedding,please bring it with you. Beanbags are NOT allowed!

2. All pens are spacious for the cat(s) to sit and stretch. Heat and lighting is provided when necessary.

3. Special diets are catered for. Please ensure we know exactly what your cat(s) will eat before leaving it/them with us.

4. All cats must be vaccinated against Flu and Enteritis and proof of this must be shown at time of boarding.

5. If your cat(s) need to be taken to the Vet whilst in our care, ALL VETERINARY FEES MUST BE PAID FOR BY  YOURSELVES on collection of cat(s). A minimum of £5 will be charged per visit to the Vets.

6. When booking at “White Whiskers” Boarding Cattery for your cat(s) we need to know your Surname, Cat(s) Name(s) and description, Address and Telephone Number(s) including any alternative Telephone number you may wish to provide. We also need to know the date(s) on which you would like to board your cat(s) and the time of arrival together with date(s) and time for collection at the end of the cat(s) stay.

7. Charges - £10.00 for one cat, £15.00 for 2 cats sharing and £19.00 for 3 cats sharing.  Please note that prices are per day and every day is payable. If cat(s) are due for collection in the morning and are not collected before 1pm, an extra day for boarding will be charged.